September 2011 – Tips & Topics

Tips and Topics

Vol. 9, No. 6

September, 2011

In This Issue
SAVVY – The Not-So-Simple-Question
SKILLS – Zeroing in on what you want
SOUL – How do you handle pressure?
Welcome to a new and improved Tips and Topics (TNT). It seemed fitting to introduce a spruced-up layout for TNT to welcome in another big change at The Change Companies (TCC) – a new CEO, Joyce Conley, Ph.D.  Founder and former CEO, Don Kuhl, has now realized his goal of “retirement” from the daily demands of TCC. Read more from Joyce in her guest appearance of Mindful Midweek.

In keeping with a change in The Change Companies, SAVVY and SKILLS are a bit different this edition. They are almost like a big SOUL section combined, as the focus this month is on you and not the usual clinical and professional topics.


Senior Vice President
of The Change Companies®


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August 2011 – Tips & Topics

TIPS & TOPICS from David Mee-Lee, M.D.

Volume 9, No. 5

August 2011


In this issue
— SAVVY – A new definition of addiction from ASAM
— SKILLS – What the new definition means to you, your program and systems

— SOUL – Charley horse
— SHARING- Readers’ comments

— Until Next Time

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