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April 2003Intro & ASAMASAM DimensionsThe Three H'sPost office story - keeping stress downYes
May 2003Co-occuring /AssessingMother's Day in YosemiteYes
June-03Readiness to change1. Discovery, droput versus recovery, relapse prevention1. How to develop discovery, droput and recovery, relapse prevention plansWhat I want and others want - Be the changePromote "Enhancing Motivation" VHS
Jul 2003Individualized treatment plans1. Why do invidualized treatment plans1. Documentation. "What do you want to get out of group to advance Tx plan"Respecting individuals and their cultures
Aug/Sep 2003Client outcomes
- Scott Miller
Measuring effectiveness of treatmentFind your vision
Oct 2003Adolescent treatmentSubstance abuse vs. substance dependenceQuestion: Normal development or problem use?What do you want?Yes"What do you want?"
Nov 2003Co-occuring disordersResources for CODHow to sell screening questionsSeeing people as people, not labelsYes
Dec 2003Case examples --> motivation- Ambivalence
- Motivation for what?
Asking better questionsYesterday is gone - today is a presentBooks for Christmas
Jan 2004Langugage usage - dirty or clean/patient or client or customer?Terminology
- compliance vs. adherence
- Drug of choice
Mandated reforms/ I have to be hereNot either-or, but both-and
Feb 2004Join Together's Feb 04 National Policy PanelFrom pain management conference - pain and sufferingYes
Mar 2004Refresher on ASAM 101TMIG reportPlacement summaryKaros - Chronos time
April 2004Ricky and Mary - placing in correct treatmentWho has the power? Work with the familyDavid Mee-Lee's Mission Statement [Chinese in Australia story]
May 2004Treatment planning and documentationTreatment contract5 key questions
- Why, What, How, Where, When
Participatory relationship with client
- Quotes from auto manufacturers
Jun/Jul 2004Co-occuring disorders - cultural clashesCultural ClashesSkills for what to say in person-centered co-occuring disordersMarketing - Nietzche
- Convictions lead to lies
Aug 2004Family workA2 model/ASAM dimension 6Family- Five S's
- Empty Nest
Sep 2004Evidence-based practice/Bruce WampoldFocus on alliance and fit"How are you?"Taking things for granted
Oct 2004Relapse and ASAM- Dimension 5constructs
- Dimension 4 vs. Dimension 5
- Immediate needs
- Check out ???
Red SoxPlane analogy
Nov 2004Customer focus/Join Together articleCustomer focus/Join Together articlePeople work, not paperworkHoliday tips
Dec 2004Co-occuring disorders
- integrated treatment
- integrated treatment
- Conflict resolution
- Everybody has ??
Good health - mum 90
Jan 2005Training tips? accellerated VAK attack
- JAMA paper
1. Getting most from CE session
2. Training tips
Happiness- MACMHB
- Evince
Feb 2005Discharge categories - engaging people ??Discharge categories - values implicationsHow to deal with client compliance attitudesTravel ? view - the big perspectiveAdolescent who is just doing the program
Mar 2005?? Discharge CategoriesDischarge/categorize ? continualTreatment plan to match where the patient is atLaughterPrognosis and how to word that
April 2005??? interaction alcoholNIAAA 1 question - Blondell ??Audit questions - sits and puts chart awaySerenity Prayer
May 2005Borderline personality disorderBorderline personality disorder- definition and treatmentRegression in inpatient settings - safety in stage 1Dreaming? and experimenting outside the box - CNNPerson-centered language
Jun 2005College students in their 20'sCollege student deathsQuarter-life crisis - balancing ?? success w/ 18 year oldsFather's Day
- Be yourself
DIM 6 of ASAMASAM assessment software
Jul/Aug 2005Integrated Co-occuring, consumer-driven, recovery-oriented serviceDilemmas and implementing - what is recovery in MH and SA?Identify policies, attitudes that prevent integration services
- consumer-driven treatment planning
Cultural differences for Sicily, Italy, EuropeSept. 30, 2005 - Making Treatment Count - NJ
Sep 2005Drug and mental health courts and mandated clientsWhat contributes to good outcomes?
- Compare work with traditional vs. drug court
Developing consensus with courts and others
- Have fun/judge ?
Hurricane - what would you take with you?Commitment of chronic alcoholism etc.
Oct 2005Thriving with change and integratingFrustrations --> leads to systems solutionsTranslating frustrations into system solutionsMowing the lawn/immediate
Nov 2005Thriving with change and integratingPower of nowChoosing to thrive as a concious processResults and satisfaction
Dec 2005ASAM dimension and case presentationASAM MDA case presentation and clinical formulation1. use MDA for alliance
2. Case presentation/5 minutes or less
Branding - elevator speechASAM questions x3
Jan 2006Quality chasm and terminology? 2005 report
- Patient case load and alliance building
Terminology; mental health and spirit healing termsSpeeding -Go slow
Feb 2006PaperworkDecrease paperworkPaperwork tipsWorryingTaylor -Prepaid Legal
Mar 2006Paperwork continuedIf you don't use data, you collect it. Don't collect it. NIA TxTreatment planningDon't be perfect/learn from mistakes"Rainbow" formsWal-Mart customer -Treatment planning
Apr 2006Making stages of change to LOC/clinical casesStages of change and LOC matchingCase vignettes and therapy dilemmasFreeing people, not setting them looseCombined with Savvy - Stages of change and LOC settings for treatment
May 2006Family TreatmentStages and level of family involvementInclude family in assessmentTop 10 tips for air travel
Jun 2006COD- COCE reports
Are you DDC?
1. Medication and medical detox
2. Not referring --> linkage
Stages of Change
- Baltimore 6/29 & 6/30
Scott Boyle's Stages of Change concerns + LOC
Jul/Aug 2006India and international travelNietschze
1. Open to new ideas
2. Look @ world through others eyes
1. Enter counseling as if entering a country/culture
2. Leave your comfort zone
? that ? in India
What we don't understand is opportunity to learn
SPMI - 3 beds in residential
- fit services to ? not diagnosis
Sep 2006Outcome vs. ProcessClinical work and administrative and quality audit outcomesThings that DON'T make sense
1. COD and staffing; relapse; ??
Steve Irwin's death
- Advocate with joy, not adversarial
COD: getting MDs engaged
Oct/Nov 2006Waiting lists for residential
- ASAM unbundling
- Need less residential and detox beds --> Community
Things that DO make sense
1. Placement summary
2. ??
3. Victim role
George Carlin
Animal Compassionate
- Customer Service
Suggestions for Top 10 TNT
Dec 2006Psychotherapy research - JCAHO conference - LambertJCAHO: psychotherapy research - How well can therapists predict failure3 favorite phrases
- Thanks for choosing to work with me
- I'm in charge of the treatment plan
- You're in charge of me
New Year Resolutions
- Preparation
- Perfection
Use of substances while in residential treatment
Jan 2007ADHD and adolescentsADHDAdolescent attitudes
Humor and jokes
Feb 2007Conflict resolution - NVCConflict resolution policyNVCAcademy Awards - "Little Children" ?? our talents
Mar 2007ASAM MDAASAM MDA used for all settingsASAM pretest questions, answers, implicationsAging
- Mum 92
Apr 2007Terminology and mandated clients
- LA probation
Patient, client, consumer, customer; mandated clientsFeeling of mandated clients; how to engage probation officersGovernor Corzine
- Seatbelts
- TEAM/decrease 6% of gas w/tire pressure
Assessment and treatment planning process
May 2007Methadone and Harm Reduction - UK/EuropeMethadone - BuphenorphrineHarm Reduction clinical situationsSmoking
- Attitudes about [my?] drug
Jun 2007Follow-up comments on Methadone and Harm ReductionReaders' comments and my commentsReaders' comments and my commentsAging and aging jokes
Jul/Aug 2007Evidence-based practiceScott Miller and Norm Hoffman1. What will work for this person
2. Do EBP in service of the alliance
Michael Chertoff
- Empathy
Hazelden DVD
Sep 2007Quality Audits
Carleen Jimenez - Salt Lake County
Carleen's ReportClient Survey SkillsEntitled
- United first-class
- There but for the grace of God go I
Carleen Jimenez quality auditsHazelden DVD
Oct 2007Evidence-based practice – comment on documentationDr. Brian Miller’s commentsSatire – 12 Steps of EBPBalance of technology and a live personHazelden PPC DVD
Nov 2007Criminal justice and clinical service interface3 D’s; 3 P’s; 3 C’sAdherence vs compliance; balance mission and needs of each stakeholderPetraeus and rely on persuasion and security rather than on coercion and combat
Dec 2007Apology –“I’m Sorry”Why apologize and how. What patients want in an apologyAssess safety; then apologize. Defuse angerThanksgiving cleaning out “stuff” opens space for creativityQ1 –Group Tx pre-printed documentation Q2 Al-Anon psychiatrist; whether and how to intervene in COD
Jan 2008Change of Mission especially in integrating COD1. Assemble team for Mission, Vision, Values 2. Develop Agency and Staff Plans1. Implications for each Value raised 2. Adherence to Staff Plans – accountabilityJK Rowling’s in TIME – self worth is finding what you do best and working hard at it2nd mailing for Feedback on website - prizes
Feb 2008Love Languages1. Five languages1. Identify your primary love language; and your loved ones’ love languageConsultants who help companies to reward employees- find their love languageDrug testingSURVEY Winners
Mar 2008ASAM PPC1. How ASAM PPC helps with managed care and 28 days 2. When: Tx Plan Reviews?1. Compare LOCUS with ASAM PPC 2. Holistic assessment rather than “medical necessity”All the news that’s fit to print, stream, blog etc. NY Times – modern communication and fact findingAssessment Instruments; home-study courses; DVD
Apr 2008Screening, Brief Intervention, RT1. People needing help don’t get it 2. CPT codes for SBI 3. JCAHO want comments1. NIAAA one question 2. NIAAA Clinician’s Guide and video test skills 3. Problem recognition is only first step – Q’s to askRussell Peters – diff. between ethnicity and culture – focus on people not labels – I am a banana
May 2008Cultural and ethnic issues – Af-Americ.1. Minority populations and cultural scanning 2. Cultural and spiritual conflicts with MH and addiction models1. Minorities may fear you as a majority therapist 2. View differences as a positive – allianceTop three things that veterans say helped them with life after warQ- ASAM Criteria and incarcerated clients
Jun 2008Cultural and ethnic follow-up; Documentation attitudes in words \used e.g., “denies”, “admitted”1. Reader comments and my responses1. Commonly used phrases in documentation that reveal attitudes towards clientsSmall changes can have a huge impact
Jul/Aug 2008Adolescent Prevention1. Research on effective prevention. 2. Risk and protective factors1. Clinical case to illustrate risk and protective factorsMcDonald’s five rules for customer serviceQ. How to use more neutral language instead of “denies” – risk management concerns
Sept. 2008Recovery1. Inconsistencies in how recovery is approached by 12-Step and recovery groups.
2. MH and healthcare versus traditional addiction treatment
1. What to do about the inconsistenciesHow to decide on who to choose for President of USAWorking with resistant clients - success after a training on this
Oct.2008Medication Assisted Treatment1. Jerry Shulman's ideas1. Assessment and treatment of Medication adherence problemsChoices - Pain is inevitable, suffering os optional
Nov. 2008Program & diagnosis driven1. Match services to needs not plug people into programs1. Top 10 ways to know you are a program driven serviceWhy Obama won - hope for change, empathy, flexibilityTx planning - collaborative approach is less stress
Dec.2008Cultural Competence1. Person-centered care involves cultural sensitivity1. Cultural sensitivity in group workCustomer friendly packaging - attract people into recoveryStages of Change in Case management
Jan. 2009Culture Iceberg1. Staff turnover - It's OK…because…..1. Generic, non-individualized treatment plans. It's OK…because….US Airways "Miracle on the Hudson". Look at what goes right not just what wenr wrongSOCIAL COMMUNITY and New Web site
Feb. 2009Evidence-Based Practices1. Norm Hoffmann's focus on outcomes not just EBP1. Even if not using formal outcome measures check clinicallyObama - not how big/small is Govt. What works?Stages of Change; ASAM Dim.4Focus on what is working in team
March-09Gangs1. Stats, typol,reasons1.Signs,Sxs, Assess toolBerkeley Yacht ClubSearch TNT
April-09Terminology1. Willing, admitted, minimizes,claims,not willing to admit1. AmbivalenceMy mother 94 and not hungry. My honesty is your insensitivityInfo to report to ProbationStigma with addicts and Tx PlansDVD set
May-09COD - DDC1. DDCAT, DDCAT-MH1. Client: DDC or AOSObama -common ground, presumption of good faith, languageDVD set
June-09Healthcare reform and Relapse triggering1. Wasting resources - homeless get housing without Tx1. Relapse -triggering & consequencesOptimistic about changeChanging culture to accept people in treatment who relapseBrunie Emmanuel - meeting needs by working togetherAlso with SUCCESS STORY
July-09COD1. Schizophrenia & smoking1. Medication adherenceOverwhelmed with information
August-09Homeless, Severe Mental Illness1. Summer vacation - The Soloist lessons2. Convert pathology to recovery goalsParadoxes - Ted Kennedy. Win because ready to loseMatrix model; EBP; indivd TxCape Cod Syp; San Diego; US Journal, Phil
Sept. 2009Sexual Minorities1. Top Five Issues to understand about sex minorities1. Transgender, transsexual, transvestiteAttractivismMotivational Interviewing; Hmong peopleChange Comp. Getting Healthy
October-09Cases - Lessons1. Long LOS resident. 2. Poor adhere. - look at non-align. of goals1. Helping people help themselves. 2. Anything that makes hard to follow throughCommon problems not commonly known - drunk driving stats
Nov-Dec 09Medical Model1. Pros/Cons of Medical Model1. Retaining what's good about Med. ModelObama, Change, EmpathyChanging how you use Stages of Change
January-10Changing Jobs1. Snr VP, TCC - What it Means for you1. Impaired Driving Article. 2. Mini Video DMLConan O'Brien, CynicismGet to know TCC
February-10Treatment Planning1. Guiding priniciples for Tx Planning1. Documentation that makes sense to clientsSudden death, Delaware.Live each dayDrug court non-compliance
March-10Job Satisf.; Staff Morale; Express Appreciation1. Staff Morale and What’s Bugging You?1. How to Express Powerful AppreciationsSingapore, China and AAConflict Resolution Policy
April-10Innovation Half Empty, Healthcare Reform, China1. Is Your Innovation Glass Half Empty or Full?1. Tackling 3 C’s for Healthcare ReformVW, Toyota, and China - Resourcefulness
May-10COD; Engaging & Retaining Clients1. Assessment Issues in COD1. What does client want? Retention and resistanceRecovering SpeederFeedback on Innovation
June-10Research on what clients want1. Reseach tidbits on adherence, how to be treated as people1. Impications of researchInforming and involving families. Mother's broken hip
July-Aug. 2010Aging, Dying, Death1. Aging statistics; tips on eldercare1. Facing your fears, saying good-bye, and planning the futureWhat is your legacy? Buffet, Gates, FerrisTNT book and free Dynamic Health
Sept. 2010Psychiatric diagnosis fads1. Overdiagnosis of Bipolar Disorder and fads1. People are not their diagnostic labels. 2. Diagnosis-driven, program-based TxFood and restaurants I enjoySubstance Abuse vs Depend. not one size fits allAging and personal stories
October, 2010Journaling. Words that inhibit engagement1. Writing aids learning. Journaling1. Terminology that labels and inhibits alliance buildingBeing imperfect, vulnerable and authenticSelf managmt journal - brand new
November, 2010Checklists1. Checklists that improve care & reduce mistakes1. Build your own checklistSeeing through eyes of older adults; a nurse's responseBehavior and program contracts
December, 2010More on checklists- David Powell1. Can checklists make good counseling?1. Improving care checklistWhat I learned from the New England Patriots
January, 2011ASAM Multidimensional assessment and COD1. ASAM dimensions for MH and Addiction1. Assessing Immediate Needs - 6 ASAM dimensionsJump start recovery - Ted Willimas and Glamour ProjectLOCI-2R and DAPPER
February, 2011Pain and Engaging Pain clients1. Nonpharmacological approaches to chronic pain1. Evaluating and engaging pain clientsChoosing Forgiveness
March, 2011Discharge Planning, Residential Tx Graduations1. METHODS metod for Discharge Planning1. RCA ceremonies – The new treatment completion Graduation?Always the right answerMed. Necess ASAM PPC - levels/care?
April, 2011Healthcare costs -Big picture1. People, Partnerships, Performance Measures1. Clinical implications of 3PsCelebrating anniversariesIII.5, Commen-cement
May, 2011Training tips and techniques1. Teaching tips that work1. Practice teaching techniquesTornadoes, dodging bulletsTNT book
June, 2011Reasons to use ASAM Criteria1. Top 10 reasons to use the ASAM Criteria1. How close are your services to spirit of ASAM CriteriaR&D -not doing the same old thing in services
July, 2011Amy Winehouse1. Amy's Rehab song1. Lessons from "Rehab"Can you hear me now?Parents help daughter
August, 2011ASAM Addiction Def.1. New def. Addiction1. What addict. def. means: you, program, syst.Charley horse- painReaders' comments
September, 2011What Do You Want?1. Not-so-simple question1. Zero in on what wantHandling pressure
October, 2011Addiction: biospychosocial1. Gettiing back to biopsychosocial1. 20 million need help; balance biopsychosocialSpeeding relpaseChronic, relapsing dis
November, 2011Create incentives if resistant behavior1. Incentives decision tree1. Explaining decision treeThanks - reframing
December, 2011SAMHSA Recovery Def. Design, Deliver Integ SvcsR1. Delivering Recovery Svcs based on Recovery def., and dimensionsFamily death, working it throughASAM Criteria TCC resources
January, 2012Severe mental illness, COD1. Severe mental illness continue to use1. Balancing care with enabling; The FarmPolitics of personal destructionRelapse and confidentiality of courtsMore detail ASAM-TCC resources
February, 2012The Farm follow-upACA, Healthcare reform, CASA Report not good news1. Clinical lessons from commentsFishing, phishing, silly things doneNAADAC ASAM Webinar
March, 2012Spirituality & Religion1. Spirituality/religion - neglected topic1. Asking about spiritualityA granddaughter & aging motherASAM Criteria prodiucts
April, 2012Comment:Spirituality; Previous TNT on Tx planning, alliance1. Reader comments1. Previous TNT: Tx plans; alliance; stages of change, conflict resolution policyLegacy of Cabinet members; hand in bucket of waterStages of Change to build alliance
May, 2012Therapeutic alliance1. How to develop therapeutic alliance in less then 10 minutes1. Clinical vignettes to build therapeutic allianceDaughter sings national anthem; Memorial DayResources on TCC website: ChangeU; TNT book
June, 2012Paradigm Shift from Program-Driven1. How to move systems from programs to people1. Reframing "resistance" in systems changeSoothing the customerWhen to increase LOC intensity
July, 2012Affordable Care Act. CASA Report1. ACA, Healthcare reform; CASA Report not good1. How to decide when to change LOCMaria: inspiring hard work; stick-to-it-ivenessWith SKILLS: change LOC
August, 2012Mindfulness1. Mindfulness: Ellen Langer1. Combined with SAVVYLessons from The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
September, 2012Readers' reactions1. Comments: SAVVY, July 20121. Pilot test small changes; banish waiting listsNeed new party: Compromise Party
October, 2012Rethink Relapse; Resistance1. "Relapse" revisited, reconsidered1. Dealing with Substance use in Tx; deleting "Resistance"Who has influenced you; how did they get there?How one program is moving to individualized services
November, 2012Reader's tip on Relapse1. Alternate terms for "Relapse"; ASAM's definition of relpase1. How to deal with substance use in residential TxWhen not being chosen was good - Jury Duty
December, 2012Guns1. Lessons from Gun Control Aust & CA1. Biospychosocial view of guns & violenceRant on guns & cultural competenceNew MI edition
1/1/2013Integrated & Collaborative Care1. Integ & Collab Care improves care & costs1. Why people struggle to integ & collabI'm sick - a father's fearsUpdateView Article
February, 2013Therapeutic Communities TCs1. What are therapeutic communities (TC) today1. How to individualize treatment in TCsCelebrating ten years of TNTMI DVD
March, 2013Cliches -Clinical & Systems Implications1. Turn a blind eye etc.1. Clinical & systems implicationsLuna turning 1 yo - baby to toddler
April, 201310 year anniversay edition1. Readers' words of appreciation1. 10 years of SKILLS tipsTwo 19 year oldsTNT book anniversary deal; The ASAM Criteria
May, 2013Healthcare reform1. Payment for outcomes and preventing harm1. Use The ASAM Criteria to prepare for reformUnderstanding culture of MyanmarTNT book anniversary deal; The ASAM Criteria
June, 2013Culturally different1. David Powell on culture1. Cultural differences and common mistakesTop 10 things you don't need in Myanmar
July, 2013Readers on Preventing Harm; motivational work1. Readers' suggestions1. MI- communication styles - guidingFinding the perfect guide
August, 2013Deliberate Practice1. Focused practice with feedback1. Edges of comfort zone and feel changeMy birthday always mixed feelingsCheck
September, 2013Angry clients1. Stump Shrink question on how to help staff deal with clients1. Emotional intelligence in schoolsTalking together to resolve national and international conflictsASAM criteria eLearnings
October, 2013New ASAM Criteria1. What's new1. Integrated care and managing careMalala Yousafzai is now 16 years oldASAM Criteria deadline
November, 2013David Powell's death and Don's heart attack1. Consider all the things you will do someday when you have time1. NVC -conflicts and appreciationCycle of life - death and Luna
December, 2013Nicotine addiction1. Stats, DSM-5 Tobacco Use Disorder1. Start with staffListening to clients. Mrs. Hazell - chemoUsing The ASAM Criteria
January, 2014Readers speak up re Nicotine Addiction1. Reader's comments re nicotine addiction1. Attracting people into changeNon-avid sports fan - parts I like to watch
Februrary, 2014Parental influence1. Delay gratification - innate or environment1. Check parental interactions to see what kids learn4 mantras to give and get love - Thich Nhat HahnASAM Conf; "I don't smoke" journal
March, 2014Follow up questions to NAADAC ASAM Crit and DSM-5Combined SAVVY, SKILLS, STUMP SHRINK1. SAVVY, SKILLS & STUMP THE SHRINK: A combined “conversation” on working with mandated clientsChanging context to avoid droughts and storms in helping people
April, 2014Suicide1. Acronyms to assess suicide: GATE; IS PATH WARM; SAD PERSONS1. Clinical skills talking with suicidal peopleYou can't manage what you don't measure
May, 2014Interactive Journaling1. What is IJ1. Using IJ clinical practiceRecapturing the joy of childhoodThe Bridge - AshleighASAM Res. User Guide
June, 2014Sex abuse1. personal journey - abuse to recovery1. Changing sex abuse stigmaBe gentle with self - help availableCognitive difficulties and IJResources re trauma
July, 2014Substance use while in Tx1. LMDs not like-minded on substance use while in residential or inpatient treatment1. A case to illustrate how to handle drug use while in treatmentThe fun of foreign travel – Germany and Australia
August, 2014Alone with thoughts; drug and alcohol screens1. What’s So Bad About Being Alone With Your Thoughts?SKILLS & STUMP SHRINK: Drug and alcohol screens and how to think about themRobin Williams death; 1K celebrity
September, 2014Criminal justice, Problem solving courts1. Addiction, MH in prison.Problem solving courts1. Sanctions & incentives in drug courtBack pain exercises
October, 2014ASAM Criteria MDA & software1. ASAM Criteria MDA -general healthcare1. ASAM Crit. SoftwareProud grandfather
November, 2014Graduation Ceremonies1. A new paper on addiction graduation ceremonies. Guest writer summarizes his paper1. Consider your attitudes and practices in addiction treatmentSaving time – Lessons to be learned from saving money
December, 2014Race relations1. Two perspectives on race relations and police1. How to teach children not to be a RATViolence – what is underneath?
January, 2015Reader reactions on race; trauma informed1. Reader’s Reactions and my comments on their comments1. What being trauma-sensitive means in how to talk to people with PTSDMy trip to the Emergency Room
February, 2015ASAM Criteria1. Using criteria as guidelines for clinical thinking not straight-jacket of strict interpretation1. Explaining why a client needs a certain LOC, more than quoting the criteriaFeng Shui, HK, Happy Chinese New YearSharing Stories: Midnful Midweek and TNT archives
March, 2015Transgender1. The difference between gender identity issues and gender dysphoria. Transgender Terminology.1. Treatment issues for transgender people in addiction treatmentSex
April, 2015SMART; transgender terminology1. SMART Recovery1. Terminology for non-confroming individualsChange your attitude – smoking & taking nicotine addiction seriouslyCONTINUUM software
May, 2015Taylor guest writer1. Sober Q1 – Taylor’s abstinence for first qtr. of 2015 & how he did it.1. Lessons learned for Sober Q1.The best Father’s Day present – Taylor and his Dad.Readers’ share some resources.
June, 2015Sleep1. The Flame Challenge on “What is sleep?” Hear from the winners1. Sleep hygiene – what to do for better sleep.The power of recovery and nuggets of wisdom
July, 2015Treatment behavior & treatment plans1. Relationships, hooking up, rules or discharge1. Tx plan strategies. D/D; R/RMedicare. Govt inefficienciesCombined with SAVVY
August, 2015Medicaid, CMS, CA, ASAM Criteria1. Medicaid's role in ACA, CMS applications, CA1. Tips for implementing ASAM CritPilots don't keep us informed
September, 2015Recovery Language1. Moving from pathology language1. Respectful, empowering terminologyEating humble pie twice
October, 2015Lifestyle medicine1. Lifestyle medicine1. Assess lifestyle; tiny habitsSOUL from SeoulIWE
November, 2015Norm Hoff. Quotes; Substance Use in Tx1. Norm's quotes and quips1. Prev. TNTs on dealing with subst. use & relapseWhy Golden State is winningSubstance use in residential
December, 2015Vietnam1. Inspired by tour guides and cultural experiences1. What village vendors teach us about engaging with peopleWhat would it be like to have so little income? The Tyranny of Choice.
January, 2016Biggest drug problems1. Which drugs are the biggest killers?1. ASAM’s Practice Guidel on Meds for Opioid Addiction; Take nicotine addiction seriouslyDon’t tell me what to do – it’s really a matter of degreeHow engage depressd woman wants ex-husb. back
February, 2016Music1. Using Music Creation as tool to engage clients1.How to make music part of treatment & recoveryJames Taylor, Tay, KenzLinks to articles & programs Kathy shared
March, 2016Criminal justice reform1. BJA, US DoJ, Am. Uni, interactive webinar series. ASAM Crit. Phases by function, not time1. Robust reports.Incentives, SanctionsHome break-in over Easter weekendYouTube webinar series from American U.
April, 2016Gambling Disorder1. Why Gambling Disord. Getting real on coverage1. Screening, assessment, ASAM Criteria dimensions for Gambling DisorderAnother speeding ticket in MaineSafe Bet TCC journal
May, 2016Mainstreaming COD to AA/NA1. Why mainstreaming; AA member. Medications. Other drugs1. Dx-specific suggestions when mainstreaming; coaching tipsHong Kong trains, desert
June, 2016Readers' responses1. Readers in long-term recovery1. Readers' skills tipsMagic elevators at hotels
July, 2016Jennifer Harrison on Best Practices1. Implementation and Sustainability1. Tips when changing a best practiceJim Gaffigan comedy show
August, 2016Changing lifestyle1. Sick care system fueled by not changing lifestyle1. IWE's Motivational Int; T4C's MI moduleSpirit of Motivational Interviewing
September, 2016Borneo1. Primer on Borneo; wild animals1. Travel tips for overseas trips; conf. talk learning from USA mistakesLessons from other cultures
October, 2016Terminology, attitudes1. Guest Kevin Doyle at Longwood College, VA1. Understanding Levels 3.1 & 3.3Politics; Trump
November, 2016ACE Study, trauma1. Robert Anda; ACE study1. Kelly Graves on traumaAttraction, not promotion. Politics. Reader response
December, 2016Origins of ACE Study1. Dr. Vince Felitti and original research1. Expressive writing for trauma and IJ.Pen, pencil& paper planners
January, 2017Healthcare Reform, customer focus1. Enduring principles as healthcare changesCustomer and team valuesAnti-Trump marchers' messages
February, 2017Terminology, individ. Treatment1. Words & underlying concepts -good/bad1. Skills & Stump Shrink on individ.TxPressing buttons in rental cars
March, 2017Gambling - guest writers1. Stigma and gambling1. Screen for gambling. Have the conversationScott Stevens' tragic storyIJ - "Safe Bet"
April, 2017Spirituality1. Jack Abel, Caron guest writer. Part of team1. Spiritual assessment; ASAM Crit. MDAHeart, patience, empathy. United passenger dragged
May, 2017Addiction, Tx., Criminal justice1. Addiction a disease? Relapse, punishment1. Dealing with positive drug screensCulture changeDealing with use in Tx.
June, 2017New pubs. on Drug Court Graduations and Discharge Categ1. Rethinking policies & practices1. Alternatives to grad. Ceremomies, discharge categ.Innovations in other industries to be customer friendly
July, 2017Compliance, adher. treatment courts1. When discharging a person1. Sanctions, incentives,Venus Williams, Federer biopsychosocialTreatment courts
August, 2017American Sniper & trauma1. Lessons learned from American Sniper1. Help with addiction and mental illness battlesCitizen of the world. Enjoyable Aussie thingsIJ Trauma Journals.
September, 2017Treatment planning1. Open notes, progress notes1. Checking fidelity for indiv. Tx plansTerminology - "black" or "African American"
October, 2017Risky teen behavior1. Not just brain imbal. - experience seeking1. Balanc. sensation seeking with prevent. 5 SsSexual harassment - power issues
November, 2017Stump the Shrink questions1. Cl. complaint about counselor - "resistance"1. ASAM Criteria youth, motivational workEmpathy in getting a visa (india visa)