February 2007 – Tips & Topics

TIPS & TOPICS Volume 4, No.9 February 2007 In this issue — SAVVY — SKILLS — SOUL — Until Next Time Thanks for joining us this month. Have you ever worked where there are disagreements and conflict? You might want to read on.

January 2019

Addressing racial disparities; Unconscious bias and Nonviolent Communication; Africa and a cultural experience Welcome to the New Year and the January edition of Tips and Topics (TNT). In this edition, the focus in SAVVY is on race relations, unconscious bias and the foundation for nonviolent communication. SKILLS raises consciousness about systems barriers and biases which work against racial equality and ways to break down walls. SOUL is about the adventure in Africa this month that will place me face to face with a very different culture.

November 2017

Stump the Shrink Questions; Empathy about getting a visa

August 2017

Lessons from “American Sniper”; citizen of the world; trauma journals

April 2012 – Tips & Topics

Vol. 10, No. 1April, 2012 In This Issue SAVVY – Readers comment on Spirituality and religion SKILLS – Relevant Lessons from the last ten years SOUL – Why do you do what you do – the hand in the bucket of water STUMP the SHRINK – How to use Stages of Change This April edition of Tips and Topics (TNT) is the beginning of our tenth year. Welcome to all and the many new readers this month too. Senior Vice President of The Change Companies®

March 2010 – Tips &Topics

TIPS & TOPICS from David Mee-Lee, M.D. Volume 7, No.11 March 2010 In this issue — SAVVY   – Staff Morale and What’s Bugging You? — SKILLS   – How to Express Powerful Appreciations — SOUL – Singapore, China and AA — SUCCESS STORIES  – Conflict: The Benefits of a Policy — Until Next Time Welcome to the many new subscribers to TIPS and TOPICS.  Accessing TNT issues just got easier. Look for the button on the right hand side of the home page of The Change Companies

January 2009 – Tips & Topics

TIPS & TOPICS Volume 6, No.9 January 2009 In this issue — SAVVY — SKILLS — SOUL — SOCIAL COMMUNITY — Simple Website Q & As — Until Next Time Welcome to the New Year and a couple of significant events: a new President of the USA with all the accompanying hope and optimism (at least for the over 50% of voters); and equally earth-shattering, the launch of my new website www.davidmeelee.com More on that later.

January 2008 – Tips & Topics

TIPS & TOPICS Volume 5, No.9 January 2008 In this issue — SAVVY — SKILLS — SOUL — Until Next Time Happy New Year and may 2008 be a successful and productive year for you and your team. January’s edition takes a fresh look at the Mission, Vision & Values of both your agency and your personal work. Similarly I also am taking a fresh look at my Mission, Vision & Values and -my website, www.DMLMD.com.