December 2013

Tobacco and nicotine addiction; “Deaf” clinicians; Resources

October 2013

The New ASAM Criteria; Amazing 16 year old; Final days

August 2013

Golfing lessons; deliberate practice; a birthday

July 2013

Readers speak; Direct, follow or guide?

June 2013

Cultural differences; What you don’t need in Myanmar

May 2013

Headline news; Do no harm; DOs and DON’Ts in Myanmar

April 2013

Ten Years; Two 19 year olds; Anniversary deal

March 2013

New meanings to old cliches; Baby steps; 10 years coming up.

February 2013

Rethinking TC models and individualized treatment; A request and a new DVD

January 2013

Why Integrate Care?; Why People Resist it; “I’m sick”