December 2018

Hope for working together for the greater good; Stump the Shrink and more Tiny Habits; That’s service.

November 2018

Tiny Habits to make behavior change; Getting started with behavior change; No more thoughts and prayers

October 2018

Finding the logic to come together; bridging the gap; hate/love, demonize/humanize, fear/hope.

September 2018

Medication in Addiction Treatment – myths, facts and guidelines; Addiction Survivor; Sharing Solutions about CRAFT; Empathy

August 2018

Helping families with addiction; CRAFT; TSA Precheck and humility

July 2018

How many seconds do you wait? – Improving medication adherence – How’s the water?

June 2018

Nonviolent drug offenses; justice transformation; honesty and addiction

May 2018

What to Say When….; What would you say if…?

April 2018

“Addictions” or “Addiction”? Willful choice?: A paradox

March 2018

 Loot boxes; prevention and reducing harm; AARP gambling tips

February 2018

Gambling and Opioids; Medication for Opioid Use Disorder plus counseling or not?; The making of a website

January 2018

India ASAM Criteria Training and Transcendental Meditation; 5 hearts.